Brian Norman

Hey there 👋

I'm currently working as an Android dev at SeatGeek for my day job, and in my free time trying my best to be an indie gamedev! Below are some fun projects I've worked on (you can find more at my GitHub).

Seat In a Seat Screenshot

Seat in a Seat

Fast paced tetris-esque game for SeatGeek March 2022 Hackathon made with Hyewon Kim.

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Fadeaway Reboot Logo

Fadeaway Reboot

4-player co-op zombie survival game where you try to rack up the kills, and see who the last player standing is. The catch? You can't see in the night... except for when lightning strikes!

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Cobresun Metaverse Logo

Cobresun Metaverse

A tiny 2d metaverse for four best friends to hang out in.

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Sweet Tooth Logo

Sweet Tooth

Fast-paced arcade-style reflex game: compete for the highest score! Reboot of a 2015 Cobresun Game Jam game I made in pure Python and PyGame. Now in a modern engine so you don't have to compile an outdated version of PyGame to run it anymore...

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Movie Club Watch List Image

Cobresun Movie Club

Four best friends who happen to code fell in love with watching and reviewing movies together once a week when the pandemic hit, so naturally we made a website to track our movies and scores! Want a movie recommendation (good or bad)?

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Community: Required Reading Logo

Community: Required Reading

Super-charge your next Community rewatch (or first-time watch) with every reference from every episode of our favourite NBC sitcom! We included movies, shows, books, plays, and songs either referenced or parodied in each episode, without including any spoilers for the episodes themselves.

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FactfulNews Logo


Minimalist Android news app inspired partly by the book "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World" and by everything we thought was wrong with the way we currently consume news and media.

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Pants or Shorts Logo

Pants or Shorts

Android app that tells you whether you should wear pants or shorts today based on the local weather. Continuously learns from your preferences.

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WeightLess Logo


Whether you're trying to lose weight or gain weight, this app can help you keep track of it and see your progress over time with this Android app.

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Splitwisr Logo


A simple solution to the age-old problem of splitting bills! Can scan receipts, add friends, and automatically notify friends about outstanding balances. Can also update balances between people based on new receipts or settling up.

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